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OET Nutrition

Program “learn to eat”

Carlos Martín Caro,
Nutritional Sport Performance Coach

Recover energy, get slimmer gain health.

OET Nutrition come up from the athletes need to find an effective and healthy way, without performance decrease to lose weight getting slimmer during the competitive season

We also do customized programs for all type of athletes, althought they do not have clear objectives and they just want to get slimmer or they do not want to lose weight but they want to maximize their recovery from workouts and performance.

Nutrition OET has 2 types of diet to choose:

Basic: it is based on an intelligent glycemic control adapted to each person and  training, and specially to take a healthy food habit. In short: ‘Learning to eat’.
Paleo diet: is based on the intake of foods who we are genetically adapted. “Genetic diet”.
Both diets consist of a monitoring program for 3 months including:

  • Nutritional survey
  • 2 anthropometries (body fat%, biotype …) at the beginning and after 6 weeks
  • Personalized diet accord with your objectives.
  • 3 months diet price: 150 €

After these three months and if you want to continue to achieve other objectives, we would continue with a diet monitoring including:

  •  1 anthropometry
  •  Personalized diet.


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