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Running in Madrid

Join to our Running training groups in El Retiro and discover OET Method.

Running is an individual sport, but it is more fun in group.

OET Method, created by Carlos Martín Caro, improves your performance focusing in technique without forgetting fitness. The aim is to expand your movement’s mechanics and teach you to run more economically.
We use our own methodology based on movement biomechanics, joint and muscle mechanics, and the Pilates method.


Training Group oriented for Runners

In El Retiro Park, Madrid.

Schedules: Tu-Th 19:30h y 20:30h

Level: Intermediate and advanced

Prices: 1 day / week – 26 € / month, 2 days / week – 42 € / month

Running technique drills following OET Method
Weekly on-line training group.

Running levels

  • Intermediate: I run regularly and I have participated in some Running race. I run 10km in less than 60 ‘
  • Advanced: I run regularly and I participate in Running races or Marathons or Triathlons or Trails. I run 10km in less than 45′(boys) 50′ (girls)

Schedules of running groups


Horarios de carrera en OET

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