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OET has services of training, swimming and running groups, and we prepare for triathlons, run competitions and endurance events. We work with exclusive OET Method, created by Carlos Martin Caro.

Swimming training in Madrid


Swimming classes in Madrid. All levels from beguiners to competition following the OET Method. We also train focused on triathlon, open water and swimming master.

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Triathlon Training in Madrid


Preparation for Triathlon: We train running, swimming and cycling. With our exclusive method you will improve technique and will achieve better results by managing better the effort.

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Running training in Madrid


Join to one of our running training groups in El Retiro and discover the OET Method. The running is an individual sport, but in group is more enjoyable …

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OET Sport Nutrition

OET Sport Nutrition

OET Sports Nutrition provides customized diets for each athlete. The aim is to increase the performance, recovery and assimilation of training and remove the excess fat.

To do this, diets are based on a smart glycemic index control adapted to each person and to take a healthy food habit.

In short: ‘Learning to eat’. Would you like to have a personalized nutrition program? Contact with us

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Online personal training plans

Personal Training

Do you want to improve your performance in sport?

Do you want to learn swimming from zero?

Do you want to move efficiently?

Call us¡

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Functional training OET

Functional Training

We work about symmetry and muscular compensation, deep muscles strength, alignment, flexibility, muscle elasticity, segmental dissociation training, improving the movement mechanic for increase performance and avoid injury.

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lactate test and vo2max

Lactate test and VO2max

Endurance sports. OET offers you a number of tools to improve your way of training, your athletic performance and your results. As the lactate test or VO2max, we evaluate your anaerobic and aerobic threshold.

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The aim is to optimize the training in endurance sports. OET offers to athletes several tools to improve your way of training, your athletic performance and your results.

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Welcome Pack 2x1

Welcome pack

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