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This article is for you if you want to learn how to swim and you don’t dare to go to a swimming pool, you are scared when you see water or when you are inside the water. It is for you also if you go to the swimming pool but you can’t complete one length. Swimming learning can be enjoyable.

5 phases method to learn swimming

swimming learning

Here in OET, we follow an own methodology bases in the experience with many novices swimmers, we learnt to swim from zero, and after that we have developed a method for adults, it is based in 5 phases.

  1. To lose the fear of water: we teach you exercises to get comfortable with the water, they are very easy, for example, walking in the pool, trying to float with support.
  2. To breath properly, don’t get water inside the nose: we will show you the say of breathing in the water that It is not the same that out of the water.
  3. Buoyancy, body and head position: our method is based in Buoyancy and good body position to improve efficiency, you will begin with the basics.
  4. Kick technique: you will learn the basic movement for swimming, the kick, we don’t use the kick propulsion for swimming but it is mandatory to have good leg position in order to avoid drag, and to get this you need move the legs correctly.
  5. Stroke technique: at last you will learn arm movement in coordination with the trunk and the legs.

Each phase’s length depend of the swimmer, mainly he must have perseverance, nerve and consistency to learn faster. Two months is the average to learn moving into the water, if the swimmer come two or three times per week.

Don’t forget the fins, we use them to do many exercises.

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